What We Do

Our practice areas develop and adapt to meet a changing marketplace
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We primarily deal with property transactions and deceased people’s property so that we can give our clients the dedicated time that they need to achieve a successful outcome.

Every transaction is different even if the structure looks the same.

The key to a happy Solicitor Client relationship is ‘information’ passing between both of us so keep us updated with your instructions so we can advise you.  You will have direct access to your solicitor in our practice and keeping in touch with up to the minute instructions is the best way to ensure there are no awkward misunderstandings.  

We provide individual solicitor client contact.

You will have direct access to your solicitor by their individual email when you engage our services.

Our office is suitable for disabled access and we have the understanding, patience and experience to assist people who have learning difficulties and special needs.

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Property Transactions

Conveyancing & Landlord & Tenant

When you engage our services we will send you our information booklet on residential buying or selling a property to give you a flavour of how the process works and what you need to do.

Commercial transactions are geared towards the individual marketplace product and follow in general a similar format to the residential purchase but with their own technical requirements.  We will discuss these with you when we have full instructions on the transaction.

Have you thought of making a Will or appointing a person to look after your affairs if you are not able to do this yourself? 


Whether you have suffered a loss due to faulty products, been wronged by a professional or had your human rights infringed we are here to help. Your rights are protected by the Constitution and by legislation and we will be with you on your journey to maintain these rights.

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Probate, Wills, Powers of Attorney and later in life planning

Before you can deal with a deceased person’s property you will need to obtain a Certificate from the Probate Office which people commonly know as a ‘Grant of Probate’. This document enables the ‘Executor’ to act on the wishes of the deceased as set out in their Will or if there is no Will, the Law dictates how the assets are distributed.

Has one of your loved ones passed away?  Do you wish to make life easier for those you leave behind? Would you like to plan for your later years by creating a will or executing a power of attorney for use should it be needed.  We have a range of skills and experience in helping you achieve your wishes.

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Legal costs & data protection

Get a written quotation from your solicitor

The law states that you must be given this by your solicitor and you must sign the document agreeing to the fees at the start of every transaction.   This represents the contract for legal services your solicitor will provide.   

We will give you a detailed breakdown of costs at the beginning and if this changes during the course of the transaction due to some matter beyond our control, when we know, we will immediately let you know and get your agreement before any further costs are incurred.

We have a Booklet setting out our Terms & Conditions of Business which includes our Data Protection Notice so please ask us for this document as it contains important information.

NOTE: we will only hold onto and use your data for the legally required amount of time and in accordance with our legal responsibilities.

If we can help you, please complete the contact sheet on this page and will call or email you back as soon as we receive your message.